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crochet pattern testing

Be the first to try my new designs, and help improve my patterns before they are released! I put so much hard work into developing new crochet patterns, but the process is never complete without the hard work and dedication of pattern testers! I accept applications for pattern testers of all skill/experience levels and all sizes. I always try to select a variety of testers for each pattern to ensure that my designs will work for everyone. Communication is very important to me, I aim to be as responsive as possible with my testers!

If you’d like to sign-up to test some of my future patterns, please fill out as much of the form below as possible. If you are chosen to be a tester, I’ll be in touch with you as soon as I have an upcoming pattern for you to test!

I prefer to do all of my initial testing through You’re not required to have a Ribblr account to become a tester, but I will be more likely to choose Ribblr users as it makes the process much easier for both of us!

You can view my size chart here!

If you are chosen to be a pattern tester, I will contact you with a deadline and requirements for testing. Please check the following boxes if you agree to these general requirements. (It will only be necessary to meet the requirements if you agree to test the pattern!)

(Timeframe is usually about 2 weeks, and I’m ALWAYS willing to work with my testers if they need more time)

(Please let me know if there are any photos that you don’t want me to share)

(You may sell the finished items created using my patterns)

Keep in touch & follow me on Instagram! @noelebelle


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