Free Crochet Pattern – Mushroom Lighter Holder

Mushroom lighter holder crochet pattern by Noelebelle

My Mushroom Lighter Holder Crochet Pattern is now available after years of being one of the best-selling products in my Etsy shop! And, they don’t just have to be used for lighters! You can use these cute mushrooms to stash your favorite lippies, essential oils, cash, or any other little things you need to keep safe. Continue reading for the instructions and the story behind this pattern.

Mushroom lighter holders, crochet pattern

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Crochet lighter holder pattern. Made with love by Noelebelle

Always made with love! These cute little lighter holders make for great gifts! I’ve had tons of customers buy these as gifts for their friends and loved ones over the years. I wanted to make the crochet pattern available to everyone to share the love, and share the crochet cuteness!

These are also perfect for festivals! Keep all your little valuables handy & safe so you can keep dancing!


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velvet scrunchies, free crochet pattern by Noelebelle.


This mushroom lighter holder crochet pattern is created using Lily Sugar n’ Cream cotton yarn. You don’t need much yarn to make one, so this pattern is great for using up yarn scraps!


Please use caution:

Please keep in mind that yarn is flammable. This design was created for the purpose of holding lighters when they’re not in use. Make sure to remove your lighter from the stem before igniting. Please also pass this message along to your customers, gift recipients, or anyone using your finished creations! ♡

Lighter holder crochet pattern. Rainbow mushroom.

Optional Style:

If you’d like to make your lighter holder without the mushroom cap, simply follow the stem pattern below, then skip to the finishing instructions. You will only need to complete steps 4 & 5 of the finishing instructions to make a cap-less lighter holder.

Rainbow mushroom lighter crochet pattern.



YARN: Worsted weight cotton yarn. Recommended – Lily Sugar n’ Cream in 2 different colors for cap & stem (less than 1 ball needed for each color)

EXTRAS: Scissors, yarn needle



2” x 2” (5cm x 5cm) dc swatch = 8 sts x 4 rows


SLSTSlip Stitch
SCSingle Crochet
DCDouble Crochet


  • This pattern is written in US crochet terms
  • Crochet skill level: Easy
  • The stitch count at the end of each row is shown in parenthesis ( )
  • The ch at the beginning of each round does not count as a stitch
Crochet lighter holders. Festival gift ideas

Finished Measurements:

To ensure that a standard lighter fits properly in the stem pocket, your stem should measure approximately 3 inches in length, and 1.5 inches across (7.6cm x 3.8cm)

crochet lighter holder finished measurements

Mushroom Lighter Holder Crochet Pattern:


Start with a magic ring

RND 1: CH 3, DC 10 into ring, SLST into the top of CH 3 to close (10)

RND 2: CH 3, DC around, SLST into the top of CH 3 to close (10)

RND 3-6: Repeat RND 2 (10)

To make strap: CH into the loop on your hook & continue to CH until the strap reaches your desired length. Cut yarn & fasten off leaving a tail for assembly.



Start with a magic ring

RND 1: CH 3, DC 15 into ring, SLST into the top of CH 3 to close (15)

RND 2: CH 3, DC around, SLST into the top of CH 3 to close (15)

RND 3: Repeat RND 2 (15)

RND 4: CH 1, SC around, SLST into the top of CH 1 to close (15)

Cut yarn & fasten off. Weave in yarn tails.

mushroom crochet pattern, cap and stem unassembled
Mushroom before assembly

Finishing Instructions:

  1. Attach your yarn needle to the yarn tail at the end of the strap.
  2. Going through the inside of the cap, pull the strap between two stitches on RND 1.
  3. Now, from the outside of the cap, pull the strap between two stitches on the opposite side of RND 1.
  4. On the stem, locate the stitch on the opposite side of the strap (you can use a stitch marker if it helps).
  5. Attach the end of the strap to the top of this stitch with a secure knot (use the yarn tail to create your knot). Weave in yarn tail & cut off any excess.
  6. Adjust the strap as needed & tuck the stem into the cap. You’re all done! ♡
Mushroom lighter holder photo guide, steps 1 and 2
Mushroom lighter holder photo guide, steps 3 and 4
Mushroom lighter holder photo guide, steps 5 and 6

Watch my reel on Instagram for a quick demo!


Crochet Pattern Credits:

This pattern and all photos are the property of Noelebelle by Nina Noel. This pattern is for personal use only and may not be redistributed or altered and sold. If you wish to sell your finished items please sell small quantities only, and provide credit for my design along with a link to my website:

Thank you for respecting me and my designs!

I’d love to see what you created! Share your work with me on Instagram @noelebelle

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