Velvet Scrunchies – Free Crochet Pattern

Velvet scrunchies free crochet pattern

Here is my Velvet Scrunchies Crochet Pattern. These scrunchies are so soft and beautiful, plus they’re quick and easy to make! Continue reading for the instructions and the story behind this pattern.

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Velvet scrunchies free crochet pattern by Noelebelle

These scrunchies are super soft and addicting to make! They look adorable in ponytails or as wristbands, and they’re great for gift giving. ♡


I’ve tried a few different techniques for making velvet scrunchies, and after testing them all out this one was by far my favorite. You can easily make a scrunchie by just crocheting directly around a hair tie, but I found that the stitches start to look messy after wearing it a few times. So I made this pattern instead; these velvet scrunchies are still super easy to make and hold up very well so they will continue looking beautiful no matter how many times you use them.


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My velvet scrunchies are made using Bernat Velvet yarn. This is a bulky weight velvet yarn that creates a soft, luxurious texture. These scrunchies will be constructed by simply crocheting a long rectangle and then sewing it around a hair tie. The velvet yarn is perfect to use because you can’t even see the seam, it blends right into the stitches!


Each scrunchie will not require much yarn. This pattern is perfect for using up leftover yarn from other projects. I love, love, love velvet yarn and will be writing more patterns with this yarn super soon! Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to get notified when new patterns are available.


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YARN: Velvet yarn, bulky weight 5

Recommended: Bernat Velvet (Less than 1 ball needed – approximately 24yds per scrunchie)

OTHER: Elastic hair tie, yarn needle, scissors


2” x 2” (5cm x 5cm) swatch = 7 sts x 5 rows

Finished Measurements:

Before sewing crocheted piece around hair tie

LENGTH: Approximately 15” (38cm)

WIDTH: Approximately 2” (5cm)



HdcHalf double crochet


  • This is an easy/beginner level crochet pattern
  • Pattern written in US crochet terms
  • The stitch count at the end of each row is shown in parenthesis ( )
  • The ch 1 at the beginning of each row does not count as a stitch.

The stitch used in this pattern is a basic HDC, but it will be worked between the posts.



Ch 7

Row 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook. Hdc in each ch across. (6)

Row 2: Ch 1, turn. Hdc 1 between each st. (6)

Rows 3 – 44: Repeat row 2

Cut the yarn (leaving a long tail, about 35-40in, that will be used to sew the crocheted piece around the hair tie), fasten off.

Finished crochet pattern before assembly. Noelebelle Velvet Scrunchies


Now we’re going to sew this piece onto the elastic. You can use any elastic but its easiest to just use a hair tie. I recommend using a thicker hair tie, because the thin ones will stretch out too much. You want the elastic to stay nice and tight, so if you are using a thin hair tie, I suggest doubling up.

Hair ties, to use for assembly of velvet scrunchies crochet pattern

Fold the crocheted piece in half and whipstitch along the short ends to connect them.

Step 1 photo guide of velvet scrunchies crochet pattern assembly

Wrap the crocheted piece around the elastic and sew the ends of each row together with a whipstitch. You will have to scrunch the fabric up a little bit as you sew to fit it all around the hair tie.

Step 2 photo guide of assembly of velvet scrunchies crochet pattern

Tie both tails together and pull them into the scrunchie with your crochet hook. Cut the tails off close to the knot and tuck it into your scrunchie.

Step 3 photo guide of assembly of velvet scrunchies crochet pattern
Velvet scrunchies free crochet pattern


This pattern and all photos are the property of Noelebelle by Nina Noel. This pattern is for personal use only and may not be redistributed or altered and sold. If you wish to sell your finished scrunchies please sell small quantities only, and provide credit for my design along with a link to my website:

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