New Velvet Crochet Goodies!

Velvet twist crochet headbands

New velvet hair accessories

**UPDATE: Finished items are no longer available in my shop. You can find the free pattern for velvet crochet scrunchies on this blog, or purchase the PDF download from my shop.


I’ve been working on a new line of velvet crochet hair accessories, and even though I’m not done yet I wanted to get some of the products out early. This velvet yarn is so soft and yummy, I want to snuggle up in it all day!

The Velvet Hair Scrunchies are my new obsession! They’re so addicting to make. I’ve been using the ones that I made for myself every single day. They look super cute in ponytails and help my bun stay in place like no other hair tie I’ve used before! I can finally have a cute messy bun thanks to these scrunchies.


I can’t wait to add more products to this new line of velvet goodness. I’ll also be writing up a scrunchie pattern for those of you who want to crochet your own! Subscribe to my blog to get updates on new products and free crochet patterns.

UPDATE: The crochet pattern for these scrunchies is now available for free on this blog, or for purchase as a PDF through my shop!

Crochet Pattern Spotlight – Velvet Twist Headband

The design for this headband is from Daisy Farm Crafts. I adjusted the pattern a little bit to fit my sizing needs, but I fell in love with all of the amazing creations on their blog after finding the velvet twist headband pattern on Pinterest.

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